Bikkur Holim​ - Visiting the Sick

Whoever visits a sick person helps him to recover (Nedarim 40a)


Bikkur cholim is the important Jewish value of visiting the sick. By visiting those who are sick, or coordinating others to visit those who are sick, we are best able to ascertain what needs they have and provide necessary support to them in hopes of helping them back to good health.


Our community Rabbis remind us that privacy laws limit information that hospitals can release on patient information, so it is helpful to let them know if a member of the Jewish community is in the hospital or would like a call from one of them (assuming that the person who is ill gives you permission to share their information with others).


So what do you do if you hear that someone is sick, has been hospitalized, or is homebound? Please let us know at the Jewish Federation and we’ll send some Jewish penicillin - aka matzah ball soup. If the patient agrees, please reach out to one of our community Rabbis to let her/him know as well.