Henia Ring Schiff

Holocaust Resource Collection

Metropolitan Library System


The Jewish Federation dedicated the Henia Ring Schiff Holocaust Resource Collection at the Ronald J. Norwick Downtown Library on April 17, 2005. The collection can be accessed online via the Metropolitan Library Holocaust Collection web site..



I, Witness...


"I, Witness..." is the documented testimonies of five Oklahoma City Holocaust Survivors. Leah Henson, Ed Kaswan, Manya & Meyer Korenblit, and Leon Zelby share their own stories of the Holocaust... how they lived, what they endured, and how they ultimately survived. Their stories are testimonies to the indomitable human spirit and living reminders that we must never forget!


The Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City is proud to share this stirring record of human experience and triumph. This video was premiered at the annual Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, observance on May 12, 2003.

I, Witness...

Richard & Ruth Charnay

Artistic Directors of OKC 2003 Yom HaShoah Observance

Peter Hermes - Video Director, Producer

Elad Katz - Original Score

Joe Boerher - Original Art

Edie Roodman - Jewish Federation Executive Director (1991 - 2016)

Copyright 2003 Jewish Federation of OKC