23 2021

Jewish Theatre OK- Oh, God

8:00PM - 10:00PM  

Black Box Theatre, Oklahoma City University- Bass Music Building 2708 N Blackwelder Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Contact Levi Gettleman

This production is co-sproduced by the Oklahoma City University School of Theatre. 

The production will both be in-person and livestreamed- Information about tickets is forthcoming. 

In this witty and touching play, a psychotherapist named Ella, single mother of an autistic child, gets a visit from a new and desperate patient: God. The late Anat Gov was known as Israel’s Wendy Wasserstein, and in her gently veiled analogy, Ella and God must learn to help each other—after all, God is suffering from having accrued too much power, while Ella has lost whatever faith (in God) she might have had. With a clash of biblical quotes framed by a modern-day wit, Gov brings a funny, often brilliant text that forces us to confront our own issues of faith, hubris, and the overwhelming power of humility.

Sponsor: Jewish Theatre of Oklahoma